Rules & Regulation to be followed by the college students

  1. Each student will be present in institution 15 minutes earlier before the start of the classes. He/she will go back home straightly after the break up of college/school.
  2. He/she must be present in the class wearing the uniform.
  3. He/she must always keep the identity (ID) card.
  4. Students will be in the common room during interval avoiding hue and ery. They are forbidden to make a noise in front of the Administrative Bhaban while using the stairs.
  5. Students are prohibited to roam aimlessly and use the corridor during class time.
  6. Students are discouraged to come to college wearing heavy gold ornaments. Nails should be in proper size and they are not allowed to use nail polish. They will have to put on scarfs.
  7. They will consult with the Guidance taking the help of the captain(s) in case of sudden illness.
  8. Students will have to carry Tiffin and Water Can from home. They will throw the ragged or unnecessary papers in the dust bin or in the basket kept for.
  9. To hang any notice or to write something on the walls or on the benches without prior permission from the authority is strictly forbidden.
  10. If any student needs or wishes to grant a leave in advance, he/she should produce proper excuse along with her father/ mother before the college In-charge. Any sort of leave will not be granted over mobile phone. No leave will be applicable after the arrival of the students in college. If there seems any leave to be an emergency and so the fact should come under the consideration of the College In-charge through the guidance.
  11. Students are advised to counsel any problem with the guidance taking help of the captain.
  12. College Students are not allowed to go to school section and School Students are not allowed to go to college section.
  13. Students wearing uniform are prohibited to go to shops or market places.
  14. Tuition fee and other required money must be given in due time.
  15. Participation in each examination is mandatory.
  16. If anyone is absent without any proper reason, she should pay TK- 100 as fine and must produce her father or mother before Head of the Institute (Principal) to meet the class. 
  17. Final report will be published on the basis of 95% presence in the class of the students, exam result, report of the Guide teacher and deportment of round year for promoting in 2nd year and appearing at Board Exam.
  18. Besides college bags, books and exercise books, It is totally forbidden to bring other things. It is a punishable crime to bring any CD, Story Books and Cassette, Mobile phone or Camera.
  19. The S-NET programme has been launched for the purpose of the expected result. In this programme a group of about ten to twelve students will remain under a fixed teacher in any session. The S-NET system is tested and its benefits are sure with the co-operation of the teachers and students.
  20. ‘SHKSC All- rounder‘ and ‘SHKSC Talent’ programmes have been introduced to find out the creativity of the students and encourage them.
  21. Shamsul Haque Khan School & College has arranged the RIDE Known as “SHKSC Ride Programme” to reach the students safe and sound. Students will enjoy this facility on fixed payment.