Science Lab

The advancement of human civilization has been possible for science. Science has given a lot. From its influence, human civilization has taken and materialized it. Talking the taste of it. Shamsul Hoque Khan School & College, a renowned institution of the country has included its name with this innovative voyage of newer discoveries.

The students of this reputed institution have always learnt that it is impossible to bloom one`s mental faculty without having been interested to discover the mystery of the world. And this very feeling has encouraged the students to be inquisitive for scientific research. So, Shamsul Hoque Khan School & College has lunched “Science laboratory “to open a new horizon of 21st Century. This lab is housed in Room No: 601 of 5th floor of this institution.  There are Scientific apparatus, models and instruments of practical classes for Physics, Chemistry and Biology for school and college section in this famous institution.