Student Rides

Transportation for College students arranged in 2014 is known as Shamsul Hoque Khan School & College Ride. College buses are 4 in number having 50 seats each.  Buses are named by: Titas, Surma, Jamuna, Meghna.

College Rides leave in the morning and afternoon according to class time. Buses carry students to the destinations mentioned below:

Sonar Gaon, Powerhouse, Chasara, Naryangonj, Murapara, Gaosia, ShonirAkhra, Chittagong Road, Madanpur, Jalkuri, Vuinghor.


1. Applications will have to be submitted to the Principal to have the facilities of the Ride in fixed form provided by the Ride In charge.

2. Ride fee must be paid within 1st to 10th of each month with necessary signature and seal in the Pass Book, otherwise Ride fee with 20 taka as fine for each month will be paid.

3. No rude behavior is allowed at the time of plying Rides on the road.

4. To get into or to get down from Ride in the fixed time and particular Destination mentioned in the Ride Card is totally prohibited.

5. No hue and cry will be made inside the ride to disturb the driver of the Particular Ride.